All children previously receiving School Fuel sacks on campus will continue to receive weekend food sacks through the end of June


School Fuel’s mission is to provide the "fuel" for a better learning environment by removing the pangs of hunger among the students in our classrooms.


Over 75% of our SMCISD students qualify for free or reduced meals at school. They go home on the weekends to little or no food at home.  Statistics show that children who struggle with hunger at home perform at lower levels in school during the week. 


School Fuel is currently serving 891 students who have a high-risk of little or no food at home. Each week during the school year, the students receive a sack containing supplemental foods that they can easily open and serve themselves.


School Fuel is solely managed and operated by volunteers. Volunteers keep the operation costs low, which maximizes the number of children we are able to feed.  Our operation is sustained by donations.  $215 will provide weekend food for a child during the school year. 



The number of sacks of weekend food we pack each week to send home with elementary and

middle school children



The number of volunteer hours we have logged from July 2019 - Dec 2019



Number of sacks packed between September - December 2019

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